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Health Services Provides Flu Shots to Prevent Sickness on Campus

Brandi Norton 

Flu season has approached, and students are wondering whether to get the shot. MU’s nurse, Kristina Wilson, provides helpful information about the vaccine.

MU offers two, one with a derivative of egg proteins and one that’s egg free. She also said that the vaccine is inactive and cannot cause the flu. Rather, it stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies that protect against the flu. She mentioned that it takes approximately three weeks for the full effect to take place.

Wilson believes that MU students should get the vaccine because with COVID being present and with the students being so close to each other at times, or going home and being around more people, and going to work, the flu could be spread because of all the germs that could be brought back to campus. But if students get the shot, then that just reduces the spread of germs.

 “A lot of things could be prevented if students just went ahead and got the flu shot,” Wilson he said.

There’s also a long list of preventative measures: students should cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze with their elbow or a tissue, have a healthy diet, which means plenty of fruits and vegetables, take vitamin D, drink water, wear the mask, and keep their distance. But there’s one top preventative measure. “Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing!” Wilson said energetically.

If there’s one positive from this pandemic, it’s been the increase in hand-washing; Wilson did not realize how many people didn’t wash their hands.

She also recommends exercise. “If you can keep moving and keep your body healthy, that will help fight off more viruses and things that try to invade your body,” Wilson said. “The healthier you can make your body and the better chance you give your antibodies the privilege to fight things off the better you are going to be overall.”

If you do decide to get the shot, or if you don’t, continue to proceed with the COVID-19 rules. Wear your mask, sanitize and wash your hands as often as possible, keep your social distance, and if you are not feeling good, stay at home.