healthy hub
MU students frequent the new healthy smoothie and tea shop located on Main Street in North Manchester.  
Photo provided by Healthy Hub

Healthy Hub Offers Tasty, Nutritional Drinks

 Emily Ewen

If students are looking for healthy options to eat downtown North Manchester, the Healthy Hub, a new healthy smoothie and tea shop just opened.

The Healthy Hub provides what its Facebook page @HealthyHubNorthManchester calls a “healthier & happier lifestyle serving healthy shakes, energizing teas and aloe.”

Whenever I walk in, the staff immediately greets me with warmth and urgency to help me figure out what I want, giving me suggestions and providing me with ample information. There are adorable, trendy and motivating messages/decorations throughout the entire shop. It is in full fall mode at the moment, but there are always plenty of decorations to look at while you wait or decide to take a seat and drink inside.

There are plenty of spaces to sit, including an inviting section in the back with a cute foliage wall and a TV. That is not all; there is a community wall where you can check out the latest events going on in town. Under this section is a donation box. This shop cares about its customers and the town.

 There are three steps to purchasing when you walk in. The first step is choosing an aloe flavor, such as cranberry, mandarin, mango (though there are more choices). The aloe comes as a small shot in a small plastic cup. Benefits from drinking aloe include helping protect the skin because of the rich source of antioxidants and vitamins.

After an aloe flavor is picked, you get to decided what tea you want. You can get a regular tea, or a tea bomb, which means that there is natural caffeine in the tea. There are only about 15 calories in them and they contain minerals that give you energy and ability to focus.

The regular tea flavors include chai, lemon, peach, among others. The tea bomb flavors include Starburst, Skittles, island sunset, to name just three. There are new fall flavors right now such as poison apple, Dracula, wicked witch, caramel apple, and Jolly Rancher.

After you choose an aloe and tea, it is time to select your shake flavor. There are too many to make a quick decision on what you want. It is so tough for me to decide every single time I walk in. There are a few scoops or protein powder, a formula, and milk or water in the shakes. There are fruit flavors like Berry Blast, Banana Berry, and Orange Pineapple. However, there are also dessert flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Brownie Batter, and PB Oreo. These are only a few flavors; seriously, this list is long. That just proves this shop can feed any craving you are having.

My personal favorites are the mandarin shot, Gummy Bear tea bomb, and White Chocolate Reese’s shake. I will be honest: I am not sure the tea bombs give me much noticeable energy, but I could also blame that on my coffee addiction. I am a health junkie, so I love that I can tell these are healthy by the taste. The teas and shakes are put into large cups, but they are pretty light.

The price is medium range, I would say. You get the aloe, tea, and shake for $8, but a tea bomb would increase the price to $11. I wouldn’t get this all the time, but it is definitely nice for a treat.

All in all, I really enjoy the vibe of the Healthy Hub, I find it tasty, and it is a great addition to a town that has a young crowd.