toilet talk
October’s Toilet Talk, which hangs in bathroom stalls across campus, provides health and safety reminders to students. 
Photo by Chloe Leckrone

‘Toilet Talk’ Keeps Students Updated on Physical, Mental Health Topics

TJ Whitmer

When going to do your business in the bathroom do you ever hear someone talking to you? If you said yes, it is just the toilet talking. Toilet Talk is a monthly publication brought to you by MU Health and Counseling Services. These departments use this publication to inform students and faculty about events going on, things to remember while in the bathroom regarding Covid-19, and much more.

Toilet Talk is written by multiple people working behind the scenes in the health department. Erin Foreman, Director of Sports Medicine, oversees the production of Toilet Talk. Those included in lending a helping hand include student health assistants, medical staff, and directors in Student Life.

Toilet Talk is meant to educate those on campus and inform. Various topics are thought out in advance for each monthly publication to have a theme.

“Sometimes we include monthly causes such as Domestic Violence month or breast cancer month,” Foreman said.

Themes are what really grab the readers attention. Sydney Young, junior, enjoys the themes. “They are fun and are good because they are current with what is going on at that point in time,” Young said.

As Covid-19 is a big issue in the world it has taken up more space for Toilet Talk. “Each toilet talks coverage entails 80% health promotion,” Foreman said. “The rest of the information covers other Student Life content.” That content includes, Homecoming, Week of Welcome, and spring break, and other fun activities that happen on campus.

Covid-19 has taken up a lot of the 80% of the health promotion. This content ranges from tips and a checklist for you when you are in the bathroom. Toilet Talk may seem like a cheesy thing in years past for upperclassman but in todays age it is giving useful information regarding the MU community.

Toilet Talk will continue to happen each month for the rest of the school year as it is always being internally printed and budgeted for the MU community’s bathroom consumption.