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October 2, 2020

Colleges Charge Same Prices for Online Classes

Cinnamon McDonald 

Do you want to pay full price for college if you have to attend online? The conversation has been one that is considered controversial during this current era. On one hand, we are still receiving the same education, and on the other some instructors seem to be lacking when it comes to presenting online classrooms.

Many school facilities are currently being restricted due to governmental regulation. This started early March 2020. With lockdowns, social distancing, shutdowns, and travel restrictions, plenty of our everyday lives are being taken away. Education has also been limited by regulations taking away some of our classroom setting.

Many of us want face to face interaction with learning. We want to ask questions when we feel we need to. We want to have an amazing instructor in front of us. We want to get what we pay for when we go to our colleges.

Personally, I think it hasn’t been discussed enough for any school including our own. Understanding why these practices are being put in place is one thing, but also understanding that when our learning methods change so should cost.

We are being expected to agree with and consent to these big changes, yet we are not asked how we think that things should change for the better in our favor as well. Yes, we need to be following guidelines to protect the health of the community. Yes, we need to follow school precautions as well. Yes, we need to change how we do things to better the student. With all these forced changes we need to consider changing the cost of tuition as well. The school needs it to be brought to attention that many students are having trouble having jobs at this time, considering shut-down businesses.

We, as a whole community, need to bring to light the fact that many students this semester are going to have to try harder than ever before. They are likely to be forced to teach themselves in many areas, when there is lacking communication from online teachers.

Students, like myself, are feeling alone to handle the weight of classes at this time when they aren’t getting responses from instructors. I want it brought to light that this situation is not ideal for any of us. I have seen such an amazing group effort to comply with the new rules and procedures from students and faculty. Why can’t we start seeing more of a response from those in charge, on tuition changes? Let’s start this conversation. We need to be heard.

Personally, I feel that there will be a higher fail rate, and lower GPAs by the end of the fall semester. I think this because the new forced learning method is not one that works for every person. I spent many years attending an online school in my younger years, and I recall how I struggled in the first few years. It is not something that is easy to acclimate to. It takes practice and understanding how to manage yourself in a way that only an instructor can. You have to be holding yourself accountable for finding and keeping track of every assignment, when every instructor has a different format.

The point is, there is the possibility of the masses having to redo or retake certain classes after this semester. If this happens we will being feeding more money into an education that will then taken longer to achieve, all because we are being given what is promised from these colleges and universities.