Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 2, 2020

To Be Contwinued: Emma and Alex Stefanatos 

Kelsey Tyler 

Manchester University twins Emma and Alex Stefanatos come from Rochester, IN, originally, but have been living in North Manchester for a few years now. Alex is a software engineering major, and Emma is a psychology major. Emma will be graduating early in May, but Alex plans to graduate in 2022.

Maybe this is due to that subconscious, or conscious, twin rivalry many twins face. Still, when it comes to how being a twin has impacted them personally, neither of them really thought of it as a huge deal.

“I guess all I can really say is that it’s like living with your best friend and worst enemy all of the time,” Alex said.

Emma chimed in with: “I always have someone who is in my peer group who has similar interest and views as me.”

By their responses, Emma seems to mainly enjoy Alex’s company, whereas Alex is kind of on the fence about Emma’s. This is all out of twinly love, of course.

Alex also shared that he doesn’t believe that they have any twin powers or have some sort of “twinstinct,” but he does think that they are connected to some degree. “We do have a lot of moments where we will think of or say the same thing at the same time,” he said.

Coincidentally at a different time, Emma said: “Sometimes we say the same thing at the same time.” Indeed, this may be some sort of “twinstinct” action happening here.

Emma also mentioned that they share a lot of similar hobbies.

“We both listen to the bands EDEN and Mariana’s Trench, and we both play video games as a hobby,” she said. “We both like the game Warframe and have some pretty good conversations about it!”

Together they are a psychologist and an engineer, fighting mental and physical worlds. But they can also chill out, listen to some EDEN, and play some video games together.