Clubs, Programs Collaborate to Organize Fall Festival at Koinonia

TJ Whitmer

Students at MU were able to get to have some fun off campus just 20 minutes north of campus.

Fall Fest was Wed, Oct. 28, 5-10 p.m., at Koinonia Environmental Center with a maximum of 150 people.

Fall Fest is a new event that started off with a conversation on where to find pumpkins for painting. Ania Ksiezyc, Environmental Club Secretary, is one of the main organizers for Fall Fest. “Professor Mckenna-Buchanan reached out to me at the beginning of Sept. of this semester asking for the contact I had for baby pumpkins,” Ksiezyc said. “There are so many pumpkin-painting events that take place during the autumn season, so I thought why don’t we get the clubs who put on these events and create a fall fest?” An email was sent out to two other clubs to pitch this idea and the organization process began.

Environmental Club, Honors Program, and Artist Anonymous all worked, as Ksiezyc said, “diligently” to put this event on. Each club had its own part when it comes to having a safe but fun Fall Fest. The Environmental Club hosted a nature scavenger hunt on the Koinonia property with a chance to win prizes. “Our prizes include a hammock, 2020 graduates returned to campus on Oct. 17 to celebrate their long-awaited commencement. Photo provided by MU cozy blankets, and steel water bottles,” Ksiezyc said. Honors Program offered socially distance pumpkin painting. Artist Anonymous handled the crafts. Mugs were distributed for students to decorate and then take home for their own use.

Further, snacks were provided in a safe manner with items being individually prepackaged or served with gloves. Snacks included hot dogs (vegan hot dogs available), s’mores, hot chocolate and water.

“I decorated a mug and painted a pumpkin. I also enjoyed the snacks especially the smore’s,” said Morgan Chupp.

“I enjoyed the bonfire when it got cold, and hanging around talking with new people,” said Diana Wilson.

E-board members and advisors volunteering took an online ushering training course. “It taught us how to effectively encourage social distancing and safety at our event and each station,” said Dinah Gilbert, Environmental Club Treasure. “The e-board members actively encourage students to social distance.” There were also be multiple sanitation stations available for use and extra face masks for those that lose or forget their own.

Social media such as Instagram was also used to promote social distancing and to remind people to wear their masks.

The total amount of attendees allowed at this event is 150. Fall Fest got approval from Student Life to have a larger event as only 50 people have been allowed at events this year.

This event was one of the bigger events being run by student run clubs at MU. “I think it is cool that we can still have collaborations and opportunities like this during unfortunate events like Covid-19,” Gilbert said.

“There were tons of fun things to do and it was great to meet people from different clubs that I don’t typically get to interact with,” said Alexis Quick, a member of the Honors Program.