funderburg library
Funderburg Library has had to change the ways students get many of their resources due to restrictions from Covid-19.
Photo provided by MU

Funderburg Library Adapts to Covid Changes

Evan Hobik

Throughout the pandemic Funderburg Library has tried to make sure that everyone has everything they needed when coming to information and books. Darla Haines, the interim director for the library, offers her viewpoint on how exactly this hard time has impacted the routines the library once had.

When the physical library shut down last March a Funderburg Remote guide was made to help students and faculty locate necessities on the library website. This included e-books, full-text journal articles, reference aid and interlibrary loan. “The pandemic made providing traditional reserves impossible,” Haines added.

Reserve texts are typically kept behind the desk, with students allowed a two-hour check out period. But this year is different. “Studies conducted by the Institute Museum and Library Services indicated that library materials should be quarantined for three days between patrons,” Haines said. To fix this situation the librarians tried to get electronic versions of what was regularly on reserve but very few were available.

Still, they continued to work from home to make sure everyone could have access to resources when needed. “We are fortunate to have a substantial collection of electronic resources that remained available throughout the pandemic, and we hope that people’s awareness of them has improved,” Haines said.

What are students’ experiences of the library? “The database the library uses for online books was very useful and easy to use,” said Megan Huys, first year. She uses the library for study sessions when she wants a change of scenery.

Kyla Middlebrooks, first year, also spends time in the library “I like the quiet surroundings when I’m trying to work on the project, and the people there are so mindful of others doing their work, it’s a peaceful way for me to get my stuff done,” she said with a smile.

Jenn Wagner, junior, uses the library regularly as well. She also likes to spend time in the library to clear her head and work on homework. “It hasn’t changed much besides the bean bag room being closed,” she said. She also likes the enforcement of masks but offers one suggestion. “I think that there should be a more advocated sanitation policy that follows after someone leaves a table or desk,” she said.