Harvest Festival Provides Fall Fun for North Manchester Community

Claire Butler

The Harvest Festival downtown North Manchester Oct. 3 was filled with small town buzz as everyone gathered on Market Street to indulge in some fall activities. Children were gathered around the water table, which was filled with corn from the year’s harvest. Behind the table there were toy cows that kids could pretend to ride. On the side street a kiddy train was chugging along, leaving a trail of laughter wherever it went.

Those not playing with the kids could be found browsing the vendors that lined the street. From clothes to buy to honey and bees, the vendors could be heard chatting with those interested enough to stop in and learn more about the products. Jewelry was laid out, pictures hung up for sale and balloons animals given to the kids. Bossy Bees had live bees that they brought out and talked about, answering questions and showing how the honey is made and put into the jars.

All sorts of food could be smelled while walking up and down the street. Hot dogs, nachos, tacos and pork chops as well as elephant ears, apple dumplings and hot cider. People took their pick and could sit down to eat at the picnic tables that were placed in the middle of the street. There was live music that played in the background for people to stand a watch, dance around too, or just enjoy in passing.

Off to the side standing in a pile of hay, two female cows were tied up. The cows could be petted and the owner of the cows could answer any questions someone may have. “The best part about this is the cows,” said Corey Buchhaas. “I just had to stop by when I saw them.”

Pumpkins, gourds and mums were stacked on hay bales and placed out to buy. Small pumpkins and gourds were stacked in baskets, big orange and white pumpkins littered the ground all around the mums that were blooming with the colors of fall: orange, yellow, red and purple. To the side of the two rows of pumpkins and mums there was a wooden cut out where people could stop and take a picture as a farmer and his wife with their head in the cut out.

Near the end of the street a fire truck was parked on the side of the street and a people were able to climb up and sit in the seat. “The fire truck was really cool to sit in,” said Brandi Smith. “Usually you just see them race by, but it’s a lot higher up then you’d think and I got to move the wheel up and down.” The firefighters were willing to talk about the truck and explain how the truck functions by showing the different accessories on the truck. After getting into the truck and sitting in the front seat little plastic firefighter were set out for people to take with them.

The whole street was filled with masked people enjoying the warm fall day and the harvest festival.