MAC Provides In-Person, Virtual Events

Evan Hobik

Manchester Activities Council (MAC) consists of a group of people who help set up campus events throughout the school year. Due to Covid-19, however, this year the events are going to look different. Sam Alley, the head of MAC, has big plans for how things are going to look and what MU can do to keep having events on campus.

A bright side to having so many people cautious about the pandemic while setting up activities is that none are going to be cancelled. “The team of colleagues and students I work with have been very creative in finding ways that we can do events during this time,” Alley said. Coming up is the annual Costume Bingo event.

Alley also expressed that is important to stay safe during these times so that MU can continue to have more events on campus. People running events will be making sure that everyone is wearing a mask; they will also be serving single snacks and beverages to avoid multiple hands touching things and stopping the spread of unneeded germs. Alley also plans to host virtual events that allow students to participate without the risk of being affected by the pandemic.