Plant potting photo
Students pose with their potted plants after an Environmental Club meeting on Sept. 30. 
Photo provided by Mikaya Auerbach

Environmental Club Hosts Green Events on Campus

Kelsey Tyler

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, the Environmental Club held a plant potting event on the mall, one of many “green” events they hope to host during the school year.

Dinah Gilbert, the manager of the Vermicomposting Program on campus, as well as the Environmental Club treasurer, says that they are still working out the details, mainly because they are getting back on their feet after previous leaders left or graduated.

But the club leaders are already planning exciting events. “We might do some fun DIY activities outside and over Zoom, like how to start a garden,” Gilbert said.

MU’s Environmental Club is taking extra measures to ensure that the club can meet in a COVID-friendly fashion. “We made sure everyone wore a mask,” said Gilbert about their last meeting. “When it comes to snacks, or food items like s’mores, we plan on individualizing the supplies beforehand (using gloves, masks, etc., while packaging the individual baggies) in order to avoid contact with each other’s germs.”

Virtual events are another way in which the club is adjusting to these uncertain times. The Environmental Club supports the Manchester mission of respecting the worth of every individual by keeping them safe and involved during a time like now.

This club is great for connecting people in a very disconnected time, giving people something to look forward to, and something to learn about, when we all probably need a little bit of that right now.