House Party
Students sang karaoke at this year’s Homecoming celebration in the JYSC.  
Photo provided by MU

Homecoming House Party Provides Fun, Relaxation

Claire Butler

The week of Homecoming came to a close with the House Party in the JYSC. The week leading up to the party was filled with activities of all kinds. From dogs on campus, late night breakfast, and free gifts to contactless crafts and a petting zoo, the students were able to enjoy the Homecoming spirit while staying masked up and safe.

The House Party was filled with games, food and an energetic atmosphere. Some students were playing Wii sports on the TV upstairs; others were enjoying a game of water pong. Each sport got more and more competitive with different groups coming and going. The students were able to relax, while also letting some competitive spirit come out with each game. “Karaoke was my favorite part,” said Brandi Smith. “It doesn’t matter if you can sing really well or not at all, anybody can go up and sing.”

There was laughter mixed in with the singing as each person took their turn singing whatever song they found the most entertaining. The students took turns on the microphone and some went up as a group to sing their songs together. With smiles on their face and the words on the screen the students sang their hearts out to the cheering crowd behind them.

In addition to all of the activities, there was food you would not normally get in the dining hall. Mac and cheese, jalapeño poppers and chicken tenders were some of the favorites from the night. “It’s nice to have real food other than chips and pop at an event like this,” said Gabe Hendricks. “We can enjoy our time with friends while also having good food.”

The students were pleasantly surprised with the food options. More than a few students were seen having second and third helpings of the snacks. With their stomachs full the students carried on with their favorite activities meeting new people and getting closer with the friends they already had. 

The atmosphere in the JYSC was filled with laughter, encouragement, singing and lighthearted conversations. After a long week of classes and stress, the students enjoyed the fact that they had a place to come and hang out with friends, and meet new people. With Covid-19 and all of the essential CDC restrictions it has been hard for students to find time to go out and enjoy time together without fear of Covid-19. “It was a great break from classes and a safe space for us to relax together and create more memories,” said Kendal Garringer.

Students have been trying to balance class while social distancing, and this whole week has been leading up to the house party where students can take a second to breathe and have fun with their peers.

With all of the fun being had, the safety was not forgotten. The house party was not packed full of students which allowed for social distancing. Masks were worn at all times, except when people were eating. Students were able to safely enjoy themselves.