MU Appeals to Out-of-State Students

Brandi Norton

Monquavious Leverett, 19, of Lincolnton, Georgia, is beginning his second year at Manchester. Why did he choose Manchester and how is his home different from Manchester?

“I picked Manchester University because I had to choose between playing for the football team or attending a Christian school in Kentucky,” he said. “I felt like I wouldn’t have been comfortable at a school like that.”

He continued: “It’s different from home because where I live it rarely snows and the lowest the temperature gets is the low of 30 degrees."

Leverett’s able to make Manchester feel like home though. How? He said he simply just became friends with other people from the South.

What does he love about MU? The “small campus.” Many students agreed that the small campus Manchester has is the best part because you can wake up late and still be on time to class.

He’d change the food, but he does enjoy the Buffalo Burger and Fries at Wilburs, which is located in the library.

How was he feeling when he made the decision to come to Manchester? Scratching his head as if he had forgotten, Leverett said: “I was kind of scared to be that far away from home, but I’ve gotten comfortable now.”

During his free time he plays video games and takes naps. “I take the best naps in that twin size XL,” he said. If he’s ever feeling sad about being so far away from home—729 miles, in fact— he says he tends to FaceTime his little brother, Peyton, mostly every day.

In terms of academics, his favorite course his first year was his FYS class.

He said he couldn’t remember the name of the class, but he had the best experience because of a professor he truly enjoyed, Dr. Kurt Kurtzhals.