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Graphic courtesy of MU Counseling Services

MU Counseling Services Provide Support for Students amid Difficult Semester

Nathan Brown

As Covid-19 continues to spread and some schools are closing because of it, you might be feeling more anxious and stressed yourself.

During a time like this, emotions might get the best of you, and a lot of people might experience an increase of anxiety, stress, depression, and countless other emotions.

A lot of people on and off campus might be having difficulty dealing with classes and keeping emotions in check. There are a lot of what-ifs out there right now, like if school gets shut down, sports get shut down, or even simply feeling worried about getting Covid-19.

Manchester’s counseling services are available to everyone who might need or want to talk; it is a safe place where you can talk to someone freely and get help with whatever is bothering you.

There are a lot of ways to contact Counseling Services. You can email, you can call, or even go to the back of the Success Center and schedule an appointment. Doing that could be uncomfortable but you are not alone. If you want you can even have a friend with you during your appointment.

When scheduling an appointment, you have the possibility to have an in-person meeting or online, whatever would make you comfortable. If there is still a feeling of being uncomfortable there are tips and tricks that school counselor April White shared that could help manage anxiety.

Start with keeping busy. Being involved is a great way to keep your mind off whatever is bothering you, so try something new or join a club.

Next, try being active. You don’t have to join a sports team or start jogging but just take a simple walk to clear your head. Or start working out if that’s what you are into and if it helps.

Also, just getting out of your room and not isolating yourself can be extremely helpful.

Reaching out and just talking to someone about what is going on is another fantastic way to help deal with anxiety. If you have a friend or family member you could talk to about everything, that’s great!

If you reach out to Counseling Services, they will help you brainstorm on what would help and work best for you and your needs. Whenever dealing with high emotions, new emotions, or just cannot handle anything alone it is perfectly fine to reach out and talk to someone about it and get help when needed.

There is also a variety of counselors available to help everyone. And if you believe that after going to a counseling appointment that you would like to get in touch with a doctor, your counselor can help with that as well.

Counselors are very welcoming and easy to reach out to, so if things get out of control schedule an appointment and get help because you’re not alone.