Physics Professor Couzin joins MU Natural Sciences 

Emma Buuck

With his Chicago Cubs hat and shirt on, Nimbus Couzin, a new physics professor, arrives at Manchester University with a head full of knowledge not only in physics but also in many other subjects.

Originally from Chicago, Couzin’s interest in physics began way before college. He said he was a “curious” child and “liked exploring the outside world.” He was very interested in how the world worked. Going into high school, Couzin was so good at math that he says they “ran out of math classes for him.” One of his teachers suggested he try physics and he took to it very well, deciding to major in it at college.

After high school, he went to Reed College, in Portland, OR. Why did he choose that school? “It was the farthest college away from my parents and I wanted to explore,” he said with a smile, via Zoom. He also said that he wanted a college that was academically rounded and had a good English program as well as a physics program because he was trying to decide which one to major in.

Manchester holds many appeals for Couzin. He likes the location because his girlfriend is in Chicago and his kids are in Louisville. He also likes teaching in a small classroom, so students get the opportunity to ask questions and he has a chance to know his students. Couzin hopes to be able to make connections with his students and help them achieve their goals. “Maybe when they graduate, we can continue to have that connection through social media,” he said. “I know one of my past students and I are Facebook friends.”

Not only is Couzin a physics professor, but he was also a small business owner when he had a brewery in Chicago and a coffee shop in Louisville. His favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Bears and Bulls. “Javy Baez is my favorite baseball player,” he added with a smile. Couzin has moved to Manchester by himself, but he drives 3.5 hours to Louisville every other weekend to see his kids.