Camp Mack Day
Honors students participate in a socially distanced volleyball tournament at Camp Mack.
Photo provided by Shayla Welch

Camp Mack Day Traditions Continue Despite COVID Restrictions

Emma Buuck

Manchester Spartans started this year off with the annual Camp Mack Day on Sunday, Sept. 13. Held every year to help students, staff and faculty embrace the MU spirit, this year’s event was a little different because of COVID-19 restrictions. Students were required to wear their masks at all times (except for eating dinner) and to participate in hand sanitizing with the stations provided. The charter busses that transported students were also filled to half capacity to accommodate social distancing. But none of these modifications stopped the Spartans from having fun.

Activities included corn hole, ladder ball, roasting s’mores, kayaking, boating and a VIA that discussed the mural paintings and the history of the Church of the Brethren. Kayaking was a favorite among Spartans along with roasting s’mores. “Even though there were restrictions on some of the activities, it was still really fun, and I would definitely go next year,” said sophomore Marquise Braddock with a smile.

First-year Rayana Michalak added by text: “My favorite part about Camp Mack Day was my friend trying to tip my kayak over.” Many faculty and staff members were seen at Camp Mack Day to oversee activities and have fun themselves. Among them was the director of Student Involvement, Sam Alley, and communication studies professor Tim McKenna-Buchanan.

Camp Mack Day has always been a day for Spartans to relax while giving students an opportunity to try things they never have done before. Sophomore Josue Castro said: “Being from Miami, I have never been canoeing, but then I went to Camp Mack Day and I was able to go canoeing for the first time.”