Top 5 Sisters Drinks to Sweeten Your Day

Kelsey Tyler

We’ve all seen those pink, fruity drinks that so many MU students take to their classes from Sisters Cafe. Along with those milkshake-like frappuccinos, and those beautiful iced coffee drinks with the caramel drizzle. But what drink should you get? That’s where I come in to help! Here are the top 5 tastiest drinks from Sisters that will have you coming back for more!

Frappuccinos in general are a definite number 5 on our list. They are basically milkshakes, and everyone loves a good milkshake. Get your frappuccino from Sisters in a caramel, mocha or vanilla flavor. They are the perfect post exam de-stresser, or even perfect for your nightly treat.

4th on the list is the classic Strawberry Acai Refresher. This drink is a favorite among non-coffee drinkers. This vibrant pink drink can be described as fruity, sweet and a little sour. The experience offered with this drink is one of the best; as it includes freeze-dried strawberries on top, which you can save and eat later if you wish. Junior MU student Sydney Young says: “I love the strawberry acai refresher! Eating the strawberries afterward is my favorite part. It’s a drink and a snack all in one!”

The Chai Tea Latte comes in at number 3. This drink also has no coffee in it, which makes it a favorite among non-coffee drinkers. It is a pretty sweet drink and is perfect in the morning or for dessert. It tastes similar to the spices on top of a pumpkin pie. It is a comforting drink that will remind you of your home at Christmas time. Hot or iced, it is almost impossible to dislike this drink! It is extremely customizable for our dairy-free friends as well; just ask for it with almond or soy milk.

The runner-up drink from Sisters is the White Chocolate Mocha. This drink is a favorite among coffee lovers, as it contains espresso. The white mocha is delicious hot or over ice, and can be customizable to the milk of your choosing. Whipped cream just adds to the goodness, and you don’t even have to ask for it! Whipped cream is already expected to be added on top, making your drink even tastier, as well as more photogenic.

And the absolute top tier drink from Sisters Cafe is the Caramel Macchiato. This drink can also come hot or iced, and is also customizable to your personal milk preference. This is the type of drink you will want to put on your Instagram story! It is beautiful to look at with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top. It even has caramel swirls along the sides of the cup! MU sophomore Myah Krintz calls this macchiato, “God’s gift to the earth.” Don’t believe it? You’ll have to test it for yourself!