haunted Manchester ad building
Photo illustration by Chloe Leckrone

Maintenance Crew Suspects Paranormal Activity in Old Ad Building

Grace Denison

During the demolition of the Administration Building, the Manchester University maintenance crew suffered greatly from sightings and encounters with paranormal activity.

It began on the first day. “I heard noises coming from Wampler Auditorium,” said Andy Brown. They sounded like kids just playing around. When I went to go see what was going on, nobody was there.”

Todd Carroll had a more musical encounter. “One day the chimes were playing when we came into work and no one was in the building yet,” he said. “They were even unhooked. It seemed as if someone or something knew we were getting ready to take them down.

Richard Sluss also heard noises from the chime tower. “I thought I heard people talking but it was so strange because I was alone with the chimes,” he said. “I decided to look around and I found nothing. Kids better watch out once the chimes are on the mall. Keep a lookout for them ghosts.”

And the employees have seen at least one ghost themselves––after finding an ancient safe (not to be confused with the time capsule) tucked away in the double-deep garden level of the demolished Ad Building.

“I was the first to see the safe,” Brown said. “I finally got it open after several attempts. Todd, Richard and Scott [Eberly] were all here to witness it. I opened it up and a ghost flew out and hid among the room.”

The ghost looked terrifying. “When I was down in the basement trying to work on the steam lines, I was surprised by this transparent yet horrific-looking creature,” Sluss said. “Thankfully my fellow maintenance workers were here to help me.”

Eberly encountered an additional ghost while on his way to assist Sluss. “I heard the commotion in the basement,” he said. “As I was running down the stairs my foot got caught and I almost fell down. There was a ghost of an old maintenance man who caught my fall. I was so amazed to see this clear image of this man who I have seen many pictures of from the past.”

So ghosts both ferocious and friendly haunted the old Ad Building –– and may be looking for a new home on campus.