MU Students Offer Variety of Thanksgiving Traditions, Memories

Christian Smith

In November 1621, the Plymouth colonists celebrated the holiday that we call “Thanksgiving” after having a successful season of harvest in their “New World,” America. In 1623 the pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving, which marked the marked the end of a long drought of harvest.

It wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln announced Thanksgiving would be a national holiday celebrated the last Thursday in November. Nowadays Thanksgiving is more centered on the food, and MU students enjoyed their varied traditions.

Ekiko Besingi, a sophomore from Yaoundé, Cameroon, next to Nigeria, said that Thanksgiving is by far one of his favorite holidays. “Thanksgiving is the time where family come together as one feast together and share happy stories amongst family and friends,” he said.

Besingi said that the African tradition for this holiday is a little different than the American Thanksgiving tradition. His family cooks American traditional food as well as African food. One of his favorite American foods is mashed potatoes and gravy, and his favorite African food is jollof rice.

This year his family hosted Thanksgiving in New Jersey, and he had family from everywhere in the U.S come to celebrate. He was excited to see all his family and childhood friends and even more exited to eat his favorite foods.

Senior Cody Mason from Mount Blanchard, Ohio, also say that his favorite holiday other than Christmas is Thanksgiving. “This thanksgiving makes me appreciate my family more because this pandemic has taught me that any can die on any given day and that anyone can be someone whom you love dearly like your aunt, uncle, cousin, parent, or close friend,” he said. “Thanksgiving is about being around the ones you love and being thankful for others.”

This Thanksgiving he was looking forward to his grandmother’s homemade Mac n’ Cheese and her special pumpkin pie. His expectations were met and he was also able to see his great grandfather. Mason is most thankful because of the great advice he gives and humor that he adds to Mason’s life as he gets ready to graduate and get into the work field.

Junior Assistant Coach Darvoni Christopher of the men’s basketball team said that this Thanksgiving is special to him because it’s been a while since he’s been home. ”This Thanksgiving I looked forward to seeing my entire family as well as eating a delicious home cooked meal which included: ham, turkey, mac n cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn bread, and many tasteful desserts.”

He said it was by far one of the best Thanksgiving he’s had in a long time. He says that he really enjoyed the food but more so his family’s company by playing games, listening to music, dancing and looking at old family photos. “This is what thanksgiving is all about, cherishing beautiful moments with your loved ones.