Residential Life Looks for New Resident Assistants

Dylan Hines

Residential Life released an email on Monday, December 6, to inform students that Resident Assistant (RA) job applications are open for the next semester. Two current RAs, Shelbi Corlett and Ana Wahll, provide insight into what this position entails. Corlett is a junior business management major, and an RA for East Hall, and Wahll is a sophomore chemistry: secondary education major and an RA for Helman Hall.

What do Resident Assistants do every day?, “RAs are there to assist the full-time staff with smaller issues,” Corlett said. “We are here to have an extra check on the residents to ensure their safety.”

Wahll added that their job is to make sure that residents have the best experience possible while living in the dorms.

Both are first year Resident Assistants, and both are doing it to get more involved in some way. Wahll wanted to be more involved on campus and wanted more from her college experience, while Corlett wanted different types of leadership experience for her resume. They both also cited the free housing or financial benefits as part of why they decided to be RAs.

They also agreed that some of the best aspects of the job, as well as favorite memories, relate to their residents. Corlett spoke of how seeing residents grow in maturity, community, and involvement on campus is rewarding to her.

Wahll discussed the willingness of her residents to help and participate. “The staff in Helman is amazing and I couldn’t have wished for a better team to work with!” she said passionately.

One of her favorite moments was when multiple residents came to hang out with her while she was working on her bulletin board. “They all chatted with each other and the community within my floor grew like crazy,” Wahll said, “It was so much fun to be a part of and to witness as well.”

Corlett discussed a ‘plant party’ event she help for her residents. She ordered plants and pots for the people on her floor to take care of, and residents sat around talking to each other for hours. “Many told me how big of a difference it made in their week because they got a little gift to take care of and not think of classes for a little bit,” Corlett said.

Their jobs also come with challenges. Wahll discussed how large the time commitment was, as it is a full-time job on campus.

“I don’t love when something happens in the middle of the night and then I have to be up early for class,” Corlett said. “Being in the first-year housing the challenges are different, like most of the time silly incidents happen as they feel freedom for the first time.”

Corlett also spoke of an incident where a pumpkin was thrown through the windows at 4 a.m.

Another aspect of the job is paperwork. Resident Assistants are responsible for roommate agreements, room check outs, duty logs, incident reports, proposals for events, event evaluations and work orders.

They have recommendations for students looking into the position. Corlett wanted to make sure people were aware of the time and energy commitment the job requires. Wahll wanted to highlight that being yourself and not trying to emulate others helps with the job, as well as life in general.