Manchester winter break
In just a week, students will head out for break. Plans include shopping, traveling and spending time with family.
Photo by MU

Students Look Ahead to Winter Break, Share Holiday, Travel Plans

Ali Risner

Manchester University’s winter break begins December 17 and continues through January 1. Winter break is a time for all to relax and take off a nice break from the stress of finals, and a break before the fresh start of a new semester. Many students on campus look forward to leaving schoolwork behind, while others just get to look forward to going back to their homes and seeing their friends and family, or even going on trips or vacation during the break.

Kayla Beahrs, a first-year student, is excited to see her family. When she goes home, she plans to celebrate Christmas with her family and spend time with her close friends that live in her hometown. After Christmas she plans on shopping and just enjoying her time off, she has before she returns to campus for the start of January term.

Emily Pope has similar plans as well, but she will also be spending much with her boyfriend. This is because he has just finished his basic training and is now officially a Marine. He will be home for Christmas so Pope will be spending her holiday time with him.

Vian Mariani, another first-year student, has a ski trip planned in Michigan that he has to look forward to. After that, he will be going to Florida to take another vacation before he returns to campus for the 2022 semester.

Rachel Soden is looking forward to her time off and all her events she has planned over the break. While she spends time with her family and friends, she will also be going to California for a basketball tournament with Manchester’s women’s basketball team. They will be playing the University of La Verne, Whittier College, and Caltech through Dec. 22. After this tournament, Soden will return to her hometown to spend time with friends and family before she returns to school and begins her January term.

Many students have fun plans for break, but for some it is a time to work extra or just take time to relax. Every student from Manchester has different plans and diverse backgrounds, so everyone’s break plans are unique to them. One similarity everyone at Manchester has is that they are ready to get through this final push of finals and finish off 2021 with their close loved ones and enjoy their time off. Many will be returning to campus on January 1 to start their January term while some will have an online class.