Manchester swimming
Manchester’s swim team will resume their season in mid-January after a 40-day break.
Photo by MU Athletics

Swim Team Goes on Break before Season Continues in January

Levi Zelmer

The swim team started on Oct. 16 when they had their first invitational of the year. Since then, their schedule has been in full swing, and they are doing a very good job competing at every meet that they attend.

“I am very happy with the group of athletes that I got this year,” said Head Coach Roger Karns. “They are all very hard workers, and they know what it takes to become the very best swimmers that they can be.

He continued: “The boys put in a lot of time over the off season getting better, and doing the other things that people don’t like doing, such as extra swimming, extra conditioning and lifting weights so they can be in better shape over their opponents, and I feel like it is showing for us this year.”

The team is a very young team this year, with only one sophomore and the rest are first year college swimmers.

“This is a very good learning experience for these boys,” Karns said. “By the time they are seniors and juniors, they will build a very good swimming program here at Manchester.

He continued: “With it being a lot of first years, this is way different for them instead of high school where most of them haven’t been to this level yet. But, they are still competing very well wherever we travel and compete.”

The swimmers opened up their season with an invitation at Purdue, where they competed very well. Since then, they have had five meets in which they competed very well just like the first one. They have traveled all over, from Indiana, to Kentucky, to Ohio, and a few home meets. But, as of right now, they have a 40-day break until next month, when their schedule will continue on January 15th, with an invitational at home after the holiday season.

“This will be a good little break for our boys,” Karns said. “They will be able to get their body back right, and work on the things that they are maybe lacking a little bit of right now.

He continued: “When they get back from this break, they have to be ready to go, since our heart of our season is coming up. I know my boys will take this break seriously, and do what they have to do. I am very excited to get back to work right now, though.”