snow pumpkin
Snow has officially covered the MU campus for the first time this school year.
Photo by Virginia Rendler

First Snowfall of Year Urges Students to Prepare for Weather

Amahri Moore

This year the snow and cold did not want to wait. How do we college students prepare for this cold and snowy weather?

A snow brush is one way to prepare. Use the snow brush to wipe off mirrors, headlights/rear lights and car handles. This will help with visibility on the road and to keep any loose snow off cars.

The snow brush only helps with with the exterior part; what about the interior part of cars? A big tip while it’s cold outside is to warm up your car for only about 5-10 minutes before operating. This will get your car’s antifreeze flowing, which traps moisture and gives some heat. This also will make scraping ice or snow off your car fairly easy. Since this is a college, it is very normal for students to have cars, so these tips will make driving a little safer.

Not only do we need to drive safely during this weather, we also need to be physically safe. Between allergies, the flu, and slipping on ice, it is important to make sure we are dressing for the weather. So thick jackets and coats should keep us warm while walking to classes. Also, many girls shower in the morning and leave their hair wet. Walking out into the cold with wet hair can have you sniffling for days, so a tip can be either shower right before bed or blow dry your hair after morning shower.