Students Discuss Favorite TV Shows, Movies for Stress Relief

Anna Wilson

Being a college student be very stressful at times, whether studying night after night for an exam, or simply taking notes for a lab. When students do have down time, they are typically streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, etc. After talking to students, the main streaming network, they use is Netflix.

Lucy Waters ’25 typically watches Bob Ross painting videos. She said that they help her unwind and just decompress from her typical workload. Entertainment wise she also loves to watch “End of the World” or “Criminal Minds.”

In fact, a number of students talked about how they love to watch “Criminal Minds” when they are relaxing, because they could either get addicted to it, or simply have it as background noise and do other things when the show is playing.

Another popular show that Manchester students watch frequently is “Friends” because it is an easy show to watch. It can even be one of those shows that you can watch any season and have somewhat of an understanding on what is going on in the series.

Netflix frequently releases hit shows Manchester students love to watch, such as “Squid Games.” Students have enjoyed watching the show because of the suspenseful and thrilling aspects of the show. First-year Evelyn Minton states that the show is “addicting” and that she has lost a lot of sleep because of it. Netflix has also recently released the third season of “You,” which is popular for its suspense and plot twists as well.

Students will also watch sports to relax. Colleen Caylor said she always made down time when the World Series was going on. A lot of Manchester students can be seen watching college and pro football in their residence hall lobbies.

Still other students will watch more documentaries and reality TV. Kate Duncan ’25 loves to watch anything that has to do with the food network, but “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” is definitely her favorite show to watch on her downtime.

Sydney Sexton ’22 loves to stream the Discovery Channel. Watching animal documentaries simply puts her in what she calls her “happy place.”

A lot of Manchester students simply liked to watch movies to relax. Andrew Magurany ’22 said that he likes to put on movies that he has seen a lot so he can be at peace, but if he gets tired, he can just fall asleep instead of trying to focus on what’s going on.

Other students love to watch childhood Disney movies to take them back to their childhood. Megan Young ’25 watches Disney princess movies so she can sing along with them as well.