Long-Distance Students Share Experiences

Joseph Powell

Students have been enrolling in Manchester from all over the country. Some are looking for a big change and some are looking for an opportunity. They shared some insight on why they are here.

Manchester students coming from Florida are starting to trend upwards because of sports and the university having a bigger outreach towards southern states. First-year Brian Dominguez traveled from Tampa, Florida, which is 1,098 miles away from North Manchester. His reasoning for coming here is to play football.

In fact, the football team has seen an influx of recruitments from across the country along with the more traditional recruits coming from the surrounding states of Indiana including Michigan and Ohio. Dominguez has had to get used to the change from going to a big city to as he says, “cornfields.”

A complete change of scenery can take a toll on anybody. Getting used to what is considered a small-town vibe, coming from a big city place can play a role in a student leaving school or staying. Is there anything in North Manchester that reminds Dominguez of home? “Negative,” he said. And while he misses his family and his bed, he is adjusting to an Indiana fall season.

Gabriel Melvin is another student that has traveled from Tampa, Florida. The leading reasons he chose to come to Manchester were the Black and Gold colors and the price. Melvin is a transfer from Defiance College and even though he does travel a little further to come to Manchester, he is happy with his decision. What does he like about being here? “Teammates, coaches and the environment,” he said.

While Melvin has liked the culture of the football team and has commented on the uplifting feeling that the football team has and how connected everyone on campus is, he didn’t like the fact that he didn’t know a lot of people when he arrived.

“Everything is kind of a new experience,” he said. Melvin misses the warm weather and family, but continues to be in contact with back home to help get his fix of the family while being away.