Richard Sluss Joins Maintenance Staff to ‘Finish Out Working Career’

Grace Denison

Manchester University’s maintenance crew has gained a new staff member, Richard Sluss, to add to their jack-of-all-trades group.

Sluss graduated from Wabash High School and has been working full time since he was 16 years old. He previously owned his own business called Dick’s Muffler and Brake. Sluss is married with a son and two grandchildren. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and running and training rabbit dogs. Alongside this he still does exhaust work on the side.

“I came to Manchester to finish out my working career,” Sluss said. “The best advice I could give to you young folks: stay out of trouble, work hard at whatever you decide to do in life, always cherish family, have fun going through life but spend your money wisely and invest as much as you can.”

Sluss says he has learned a lot from the other men in the maintenance staff particularly fellow coworkers, Andy Brown and Brian McNabney. Meeting different people including other staff and students has been Sluss’ favorite part about being a part of the maintenance crew. “[Richard’s] a good friend, a good employee,” Brown said. “He works hard. He does fit in very well.”

Sluss, Brown, McNabney and fellow staff member Ron Eberly, say that they would love more student and staff involvement. The maintenance crew is here to help teach students, too. Brian states, “The maintenance staff here now has more experience on more fields than it ever has,” McNabney said.