Walk into my future photo
Photo provided by MU
Nearly 1,000 students from Wabash County schools visited Manchester’s campus for the annual Walk Into My Future event.

MU Welcomes K-Elementary Students to Campus

Marisa Engbrecht

Small students ran rampant through the campus on Sept. 23. Children from Wabash County came to campus for Walk Into My Future, an annual event held on the mall to get young students in kindergarten through third grade excited about future learning at college.

For most of these young students, this is the first time they will visit a college campus. This is the eighth annual Walk Into My Future event that has been held.

Multiple stations were held on the mall, ranging from science experiments to obstacle courses. Volunteers like police officers and students helped the kids at each station. Students went around with their teachers and were exposed to new experiences they may have never seen before.

Two kindergarten students knew exactly what they were looking forward to. “I’m most excited to play games,” said Rice, from Mrs. Cox’s class.

Her friend, Riley, agreed. “I’m most excited for playing catch with the ball game and for the obstacle course,” she said.

Both had clear ideas on what they wanted to be when they grew up. “I want to be a football player,” Riley said.

“I want to be a music teacher,” chimed in Rice.

Teachers and volunteers were also delighted to get students excited about college. Jennifer Cox, a kindergarten teacher, was happy that her students would be able to learn that they could do anything that they want to with their lives. “I hope the students get excitement about learning,” she said. Cox has been participating in Walk Into My Future since its first year.

Many Manchester students helped out at the event as well. Michayle Rasbaugh volunteered to work at this event because she is an education major and the president of the education association. She was waved at the little kids walking by in awe of the different stations. It was apparent that she was motivated to get the kids excited about learning. “I’m most excited about hanging out with the children,” she said.

Another volunteer, Hannah Hilliker, said that she volunteered because it was, as she put it, “a fun opportunity to give back to the Manchester community.” She clapped her hands in excitement as little ones walked by.

It was clear that she was pumped up for the event. “I’m most excited about getting to hang out with the kids and to play some soccer with them,” she said.

The event ran from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The small students were able to be exposed to innovative ideas, situations, and experiences to get them excited about what their futures could look like. The weather was clear for the outdoor event, so nothing was cancelled or postponed. It was clear that the kids that attended the event today were eager to learn more about what they can do in their futures, no matter what it is.