Manchester Football photo
Team members adjust to a myriad of new changes this year, including the addition of several new coaches and a new stadium to play and practice in.
Photo provided by MU Athletics

Spartan Football Season Begins With New Players, Coaches, Stadium

Kaitlin Dunn

Manchester’s Spartan football team is looking at some changes for the 2021 season, including new players, new coaches and even a new football stadium. The players are excited about these advancements and are ready for their season.

The Spartans have just started playing in a new football stadium with a turf field, and their reaction is positive.

“It’s new to me,” says Brian Dominguez, a first year on the team. “I really never got a chance to play on turf as much as I do now. The stadium itself is a cool experience.”

Jalen Love, sophomore, agrees. “It’s a great feeling being able to play in the new stadium and see the support we have around campus and the community,” he says. “It’s truly a great feeling.”

To prepare to play in the new stadium, athletes took different approaches to the season.

“Personally, it’s been tough so far coming back from knee surgery,” says Carter Campassi, a junior, “because I have accomplished some things I was set on, but I’m so far from where I want to be.”

So he uses the summer to prepare. “I go on a strict diet and lifting plan,” he says. “I do a lot of field work and throwing as well. This summer was hard coming back from my knee injury but I really just buckle down and grind.”

Love spoke to the team’s overall approach to the season. “We are prepping by executing each day and really getting after it on and off the field, which means watching more films and staying true to our assignment,” he said.

Manchester Football has also received several new coaches, including a quarterback coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, running back and safety coaches.

As a first year, Dominguez has had to adjust to the culture of this revised team.

“I’m new to the team so I don’t really know the culture much,” he said, “but it’s going to be an interesting season and hopefully as a whole team we can take a step to be a better team than any other previous seasons.”

The next football game is Saturday, Sept. 18, at Olivet. The next home game is Saturday, Sept. 9, against Defiance, which is also Homecoming Weekend.