Rolle Starts as Assistant Director of Diversity, Inclusion

Brian Dominguez

Rudy Rolle has played a number of roles at Manchester University. He’s been a student, an admissions counselor, and most recently the assistant registrar before being named assistant director of student diversity and inclusion.

Rolle says that the transition has been smooth. He finds himself very busy at the beginning of the academic year, since students are just getting started. But overall he is enjoying his new work since he has a chance to engage with students year round.

As the director of student diversity and inclusion, Rolle will provide support and resources for students in relation to their racial, ethnic and cultural needs. “Working with and supporting students is something that brings joy to me,” Rolle said.

Another element of his new position that is important to him is increasing the use of the Intercultural Center. He would like students to take a chance to see how inviting the building is: it has a lounge as well as a study place to go with friends. Further, it open all day and night seven days a week. His office is in the building and Rolle is pleased to help any student that needs to speak to him about anything.