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April 7, 2023 - Joak Leaves

‘Greek Life’ to be Introduced to Campus, Increases Housing 

Tristen Bronaugh

Manchester will introduce Greek life to its campus in fall 2025 to resolve the housing shortage.

Manchester University’s Student Life announced on Monday, March 27, that the Board of Trustees voted to initiate the construction of more living spaces for students to accommodate the increase in student population. Instead of more dormitories, the University decided on Greek life.

The term “Greek life” refers to the value-based organizations that are a part of various universities, normally separated into houses: fraternities (male) and sororities (female). These organizations have been a part of universities for nearly 300 years.

With the closing of Schwalm Hall and the university population’s increase, bed occupation has risen to a high, nearing 90%. Introducing fraternities and sororities to campus will increase living space substantially.

“By bringing Greek life to campus it will open an abundant amount of opportunities for students,” says Abby Van Vlerah, Vice President of Student Affairs. “Not only will it give students more options to live but will also allow them to meet people who share similar goals and aspirations. We believe the introduction of Greek life will have a positive impact on students and the University.”

How do students feel about the additions coming to campus? Sophomore Braelen Twine is thrilled. “I’ve always felt like Manchester was missing something,” he said. “However, with Greek life coming to campus I believe that fills the missing spot.

He continued: “When my dad went to college he was a part of Phi Delta Theta all four years. He always tells me about the good times he had and friends he made. With Greek life coming to Manchester I hope I can make the same memories and connections.”

Junior Harley Kruschwitz is excited about the addition and also curious. “It’s great to see Manchester acting towards increasing living space on campus,” he said. “I think Greek life will encourage students to attend Manchester and make the university an attractive school to be on people’s potential list.

He continued: “I do have a few questions about which fraternities and sororities they will bring to Manchester, as well as where they plan to build them.”

The University plans to spread out housing by building them across the campus. The locations will be Schwalm Hall, Schwalm Hall parking lot, the Administration Building grounds, Intercultural Center grounds, and Good Field. Good Field will move north to the open fields.

Manchester plans to build six chapter houses, three fraternities, and three sororities.

“We have submitted requests for a variety of chapters that align with the University’s values as well as some that are a little different,” says Sam Alley, Overseer of Greek Life and Director of Student Involvement.

Junior Dani Collins is glad that she will be graduating before the additions. “I came to Manchester because of the small quiet town atmosphere,” she said. “With Manchester adding Greek life I’m afraid that it takes that away. I think it’s good that the school is making more housing. However, I wish they were dorms or suites. I’m just glad it will still be relatively quiet while I finish out college, besides when they start construction.”

Freshman Penelope Eash is delighted with the additions. “When I heard that Manchester was bringing Greek life to campus I almost jumped out of my seat,” Eash said. “When picking a college, Greek life was something that I was really looking for because I believe it adds to the college experience.

She continued: “My older sister is currently in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega at Indiana University and she loves it. She has made so many connections with her chapter sisters which is something that I am excited to do.”

Destruction of Schwalm Hall will start on April 8, providing the crew with adequate time to clean up the debris for the construction site to be ready. Construction of the houses will begin May 31, with the approximate finalization of construction in mid-November.

If interested in Greek life, Manchester will be hosting a VIA on April 17 called “Greek Life for Dummies” with guest speakers Ricky Lewis, President of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and Lynee Herndon, the National President of Alpha Chi Omega Soroitrty.