MU super smash bros
The Super Smash Bros. team practice in Calvin Ulrey.
Photo provided by MU Esports

Manchester’s Super Smash Team Wins GLEC Tournament

Jacob Nusbaum

For the fourth year in a row, Manchester University’s Super Smash Bros. team has won the Great Lakes Esports Conference with their third consecutive undefeated season.

On Nov. 11, Manchester University’s Varsity Smash team finished off their exhilarating season with one last win to secure them a 13 win and 0 loss regular season with an undefeated championship run through bracket. Garett Schieferstein, the team’s coach and head of the Manchester University Esports team, was ecstatic as the team collected their fourth GLEC trophy. “We were confident in our abilities; we knew we were the best team in the conference so all it came down to was execution which we did perfectly,” he said.

Schieferstein wasn’t the only one excited about the win as the whole Smash team erupted in cheers as the match finished, including varsity starter Trent Delliquadri. “It’s nice to have another flawless win under our belt; we just need to keep winning and proving we’re the best team in the conference,” he said.

Delliquadri and the rest of the varsity Smash team were celebratory, though they moved forward, looking toward their next tournament. Second year student and varsity starter Mitchell Manns was reflective. “Winning GLEC was extremely fun for us this season,” he said. “We consistently grinded hard during the summer and went to tons of tournaments in order to stay on top and we have done so. We also all love each other as teammates and as friends on the smash team and we will keep doing so. For next season, we will keep up the consistency and we will practice hard in order to win the next championship!”

Also, at the GLEC finals, Manchester University’s League of Legends and Valorant teams placed. The League of Legends team placed third, an improvement from their sixth-place finish the previous year and the Valorant team placed seventh, an improvement from 14th, which they placed last spring.