Manchester Students Prepare for Fall Semester Finals

Kristina Bubb

After the restful Thanksgiving break students are now preparing for the upcoming exams that start on Dec. 13. Before they begin, there is an Undergraduate Reading Day, where there will not be any class or exams on Dec. 12.

Most students feel the same about the upcoming testing period. Kelsey Anderson, majoring in Business Management and sales, says: “I am excited to get it over with and see how I will do in all of my classes overall!”

Likewise, Melissa Ramirez who is majoring in Educational Studies, says: “I am feeling pretty good about finals weeks. I think I’m at a good spot.”

Both Anderson and Melissa are sophomores this year, meaning that they have experience taking both high school and college finals.

Getting nervous about taking exams is quite common and it is inevitable not to be so. “I do naturally get nervous when taking exams, no matter how confident I am,” Ramirez says.

However, people get nervous in separate ways. “I get nervous that I won’t finish my exams in time, but I usually don’t get nervous that I will fail an exam,” Anderson says. “Especially if I prepared for the exam in the correct way.”

Even after taking finals many times over the years, they do not appear to become any easier. “I would not say that the actual exams get easier but going into them in the mental aspect of it is easier,” Anderson says. “You know what to expect and you know how to prepare for it better.”

Ramirez feels the same. “Over the years, I do not think finals get easier to take,” she says. “You get used to finals and what to expect so that helps. But I still get nervous.”

Even though the week can be filled with nerves, students are excited to continue into the year. “I feel happy and relieved that the semester is almost over to get some time to relax,” Ramirez states.

Students also feel mournful that the semester is ending. “I’m sad, but excited to take a break stress wise by going into break and Jan term,” Anderson responds.

Preparing in advance for the exam can be extremely helpful as well. “I prepare for the exam by going over the information again the way that I know works for me,” Ramirez says. “I also make sure to get plenty of time to sleep.”

The same goes for Anderson: “I make sure to know when and what I am doing for each final, and then look at any previous tests and exams.”

Ramirez and Anderson also share some advice for the first-year student taking their first college exam. “I would say to make sure you are mentally prepared to take the test overall, and to just try and calm your mind before you go in, “Anderson suggests.

Ramirez says: “Get plenty of sleep and do not cram everything the night before. Start studying beforehand.”