The esports teams prepares for Spartan Smash Tournament.
Photo provided by MU

Manchester’s Esports Teams Prepare for Tournaments

Jacob Nusbaum

On Saturday, November 19, around 200 high school students will swarm the campus to compete in the yearly Spartan Smash tournament held by Manchester University Esports. Each and every one of these students will be competing in the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a top 8 spot to receive a scholarship to attend Manchester University.

Back for its third year, Spartan Smash is a yearly recruiting event that draws in high school students from all over Indiana and the surrounding states. “It’s been incredibly successful, and it spreads the name of our program and our college,” said Garett Schieferstein, director of the Esports program and event organizer. Schieferstein attributes the event to expanding the Smash team, which has become renowned for its high skill level, with a casual, friendly environment.

However, Schieferstein isn’t the only one excited about the event; the entire Smash team is eager to show their support and help to the event. “Spartan Smash 2022 is going to be the biggest event yet,” said August Elliott, captain of the Super Smash Bros. Esports team. “It is going to be very stressful and busy to run but will be so worth it. We are giving these high schools their first taste of competition, and with the event growing larger every year, I am excited for more to get that taste.”

Elliott went on to gush over the excitement and support that the Smash team amasses each time they play, no matter the event. “I think what makes us special is how much we support each other,” he said. “We always have crowds of people watching our games not only because smash is a great spectator eSport, but people love our energy. We get involved, we get hyped and we love doing what we do.”

With multiple top high school players in the state planned to attend, this event is shaping up to exceed expectations of years past allowing for a competitive yet fun event to introduce many new students as well as many returning students from countless walks of life to explore Manchester University and its Esports program.