Manchester girls volleyball cedar point
Helaina Walters, senior number 19, is cheered on by her team. After welcoming nine first years, the team has learned new cheers and chants to motivate the players during games.
Photo provided by MU Athletics

Volleyball Team Ready to Bump, Set and Dominate Upcoming Season

Madison Cunningham

The Spartan Volleyball team is off to a competitive start this season, spiking teams from all over the court.

Thus far they have traveled to Ohio to attend the Cedar Point Invitationals, where they won 3-1. Although they lost one match, the team made a comeback after being down two sets to none, spiking competition, and winning the following three sets in a row. “It is cool to see our team having a lot of mental stability, strength, and focus to come back,” says Head Coach Matos. After the tournament, the team was able to gain a bonding experience at the Cedar Point Amusement Park. “There is no better bonding experience than being scared together,” Matos says.

The team also had their first home game on Tuesday, September 6 where they faced the Albion College Volleyball team. Although they lost 3-0, this team is determined to recover. “I know our home opener wasn’t the prettiest of our games,” says Erika Kramer, junior, “but the only way we can go is up from there!”

The volleyball program also welcomed nine freshman athletes this season, it is said to be the most competitive season yet. “We have a strong freshman class that is holding everyone accountable,” Kramer says. “Our level of competition has drastically increased from last year.”

The level of competition is not the only thing that has been growing for this team. Team bonding and spirit have also been a huge growth factor for this group. “We have worked hard, at least the two years I’ve been here,” says sophomore Carley Camp, “raising each other up to give them confidence.”

The team has also learned many chants and cheers designed to encourage and support their teammates throughout the game. “it’s been a huge transition from all four years I’ve been here, our bench used to not be the greatest but now it has changed completely” says Halle Planck, a senior player. These acts of support and encouragement have helped to develop a family atmosphere around the team, making the players strive to do better for themselves, their team and Manchester University.

The team traveled to Alliance, OH, where they faced Muskingum University (lost 0-3) and Marietta College (lost 0-3) Sept. 9, followed by Mount Union University (lost 0-3) and Westminster College (won 3-0) Sept. 10. The previous home game took place Sept. 14 with a 3-0 win against Kalamazoo College. The team’s next game will take place Sept. 21 at Olivet College in Michigan, at press time.