Dean Heather Twomey is happy with the success of the mixer.
Photo provided by MU

Annual Accounting Mixer Grows, Builds Connections

Jacob Nusbaum

Manchester University’s annual accounting mixer was back with more participants and a wider audience this year. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, with 17 businesses and an estimated 71 students in attendance, this year’s accounting mixer sponsored by the Gilbert College of Business, was bigger than many years past.

The accounting mixer has been an event held for around 20 years, building relations between businesses and students at Manchester University, often focusing on accounting majors. However, this year the mixer was opened up with a wider focus on all students in the Gilbert College of Business, giving more students a chance to connect and build relations with potential future employers.

Heather Twomey, dean of the Gilbert College of Business, shared her excitement in the success of this year’s accounting mixer. She said it had great attendance this year, even when compared to larger colleges like IUPUI, and that she has even greater hopes and expectations for next year. “Success breeds success; lots of alumni reconnect with the university through the mixer.” Twomey said.

While the mixer may focus on connecting students with businesses to help them have a job before they graduate, it serves another purpose. The accounting mixer is a useful way for Manchester University to get its name out there to businesses in the area. Many businesses are invited and attend the mixer, allowing for many businesses from surrounding area to hear about the education that happens at Manchester, and are even given a chance to come visit and see the campus for themselves. From accounting agencies to banks, many different companies attended and were given a small taste of what Manchester University students have to offer.

The smaller Gilbert College of Business also has gained much from the annual accounting mixer, allowing it to create a relation with attending businesses, encouraging them to come back year after year to develop deeper relations with students at Manchester University. As Dean Twomey said, “Success breeds success,” and this is best shown with the large groups of businesses dedicated to coming to this event year after year to recruit Manchester University students.

Students in attendance were eager at this opportunity. “It’s great having so many businesses that fit my major, all greeting me and offering me interviews the same day!” said Trent Delliquadri, a second-year accounting major. “It’s so great to have this unique and impactful opportunity.”