Brady Forman works as the Head Grounds Keeper and Director of Maintenance at Manchester.
Photo provided by MU

Brady Forman Named Christopher W. Garber Staff Member of the Year

Madison Cunningham

Head grounds keeper Brady Forman received the Christopher W. Garber Staff Member of the Year Award earlier this September. This award is given to the most committed employees of Manchester, the ones who put the interests of the University first. Forman also was given a promotion from Grounds Supervisor to Director of Maintenance and Grounds.

Forman puts all his time and effort into the upkeeping of MU; with his dedication, it should be no surprise that he received this award. Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Auxiliary Operations Alexis Young announced in a Sept. 21 email to MU colleagues: “Brady has provided excellent leadership with the grounds employees and student workers and has stepped in as needed to assist with the maintenance department leadership.” She later says, “Brady delivers thoughtful decision making while considering Manchester’s best interests. He is always looking for ways to improve the department processes while maintaining customer service priorities.”

Although he clearly stands for all the distinguished qualities the award recipient must possess, Forman was still surprised. “I was not prepared for that at all,” Forman said. “There are so many good people at this place that are very deserving of the award.”

Forman is not just the Head Grounds Keeper and Director of Maintenance; he is also a Manchester Alumnus, class of ’18. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. As this Manchester student walked across the stage to greener pastures, his former soccer coach as well as former Grounds Supervisor, Dave Good, was set to retire from his positions at MU. And Forman was ready to follow in Good’s footsteps.

Unlike most people who step into a new role, Forman felt very prepared to take over for Good. “He did a great job of teaching me everything in ways of his perspective of how to do everything,” Forman said. “I feel like he never left me in the dark.”

He learned many lessons from Good that eased his transition, especially how to have patience. “Seeing the way he interacted and handled stressful situations and spur-of-the-moment situations, and being able to watch him stay calm, cool, and collected during my four years here, really rubbed off on me,” Forman said.

Forman uses his degree passionately to design Manchester’s landscape, whether it is incorporated into budgeting plants and asphalt or managing his staff. And he is enticed by the instant gratification his work provides. Although some actions may seem to be small, like simply watering the grass, they can make a huge impact (especially in a drought). Being able to instantly see a difference is something not every job can provide, which is what makes it so special.

Aside from being an excellent director of the maintenance department, Forman has also found new opportunities for Manchester students. In fact, during his time at MU, he started the Manchester fishing club. In doing so, he stood for Manchester within a competitive league. Forman proves how anyone can use their passions, hobbies and competitive mindset to implement it into student life.

As for the current MU students, Forman offered a word of advice. He said: “Make the most of every experience you can. Every bit of this campus can teach you something; you just have to be willing to see it.”