Student Life Awards 2020

This year, Student Life wanted to recognize our students, despite not being to participate in an award banquet. Please see below for this year's winners!

Student Senate Awards

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Office of Volunteer Services

The Giver OVS presents this award to a student who has embraced the world of philanthropy and the many dimensions of engagement. The giver has evaluated the goal and possibilities to impact an organization through one-time donations, sponsorship, and fundraisers. The giver has developed plans for execution and engagement, allowing organizations to continue work in the community.

The Advocate OVS presents this award to a student who has brought mission to others within the Manchester community while creating awareness of a need or cause that an organization impacts. The advocate has served as an agent of change during the current academic by bringing education to enhance collaboration and impact.

The Volunteer OVS presents this award to a student who is able to see areas of assistance and/or need that an organization has. The volunteer willingly and freely gives time, talent, and passion to help all those in community. The volunteer is able to display flexibility, compassion, and excitement - no matter the job at hand. They have served and been noticed by community members as creating great impact, all while representing self and Manchester University.



Religious Life Awards

will be presented from the Office of Religious Life annually to a student who has contributed in significant ways to the Religious Life/Campus Ministry programs of Manchester University and who has put his or her faith into action on the campus and in the larger community in tangible ways. Preference will be given to seniors and other students who have made longer-term contributions.

The Interfaith Leadership Award is presented from the Office of Religious Life annually to a student who has contributed in significant ways to the Campus Interfaith Board and its programming. This student has shown leadership and initiative, has worked tirelessly to engage the whole campus in interfaith education, and has shared their own faith and/or values in significant ways on campus.



University Safety


Department of University Safety Student Patrol Leader is named by the Director of University Safety as well as the safety officer assigned as the student patrol supervisor. This determination is based on the student’s high level of dedication, motivation, self-regulation and leadership qualities amongst their peers. They are the liaison between their fellow student patrol workers and safety administration providing advocacy and guidance and must be of outstanding skill to be named to such a role as it relates to the importance safety plays at Manchester University.



Residential Life





Office of Multicultural Affairs


The Scholastic Achievement Award is earned by those members of the Manchester University community associated with the Office of Multicultural Affairs who have achieved a grade point average of at least a 3.5 after 7 semesters and have made significant contributions to the multicultural community.


Emerging Light Award (awarded to a first year or sophomore only) distinguishes a first year or sophomore student who is lighting the Manchester University community on fire with their energy, drive and passion. This award also recognizes the essence and the potential of making a lasting impression on faculty, staff, and fellow students in diversity efforts. 


Luminescence Award is the highest award a student can receive from the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  Luminescence, by definition, is the emission of light as a result of the excitation of atoms of energy other than heat.  The individual or individuals receiving this award demonstrates the highest moral and ethical character, coupled with demonstrated academic achievement and community involvement.  Recipient(s) of this award are also honored by having their name(s) engraved on a plaque located in the Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center.



Rising Student Leader

Rising Student Leader of the Year Award recognizes the student(s) who have distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders, contributed significantly to the quality of campus activities and/or services throughout the 2019 – 2020 school year.  The award signifies that the student has been a model of citizenship while demonstrating creativity and energy that has broadly benefited student life at Manchester University.



Oustanding Senior Leadership Awards

Outstanding Senior Leadership Award recognizes a student who has contributed significantly to the quality of campus life throughout their years at Manchester University.  The award signifies that the student has been a model of citizenship – displaying evidences of balance between personal qualities, leadership in campus activities/services and academic success.