Student Life

Manchester’s tight-knit, supportive community is rooted in acceptance and is an integral part of student life and fulfillment. Our community is dedicated to the respectful exchange of ideas to enhance learning, discover common ground and develop lasting relationships. Through meaningful exchanges, mentoring and relationships, Manchester students gain a deeper understanding of others and confidently develop a sense of self.

The Manchester campus is an interactive environment where students engage, discover, create and connect. With more than 60 student clubs and organizations, it’s easy for individuals to get involved with favorite activities or explore new interests. Students are also invited to participate in year-round activities, events and community involvement opportunities. Beyond our beautiful natural campus, Manchester offers exciting study abroad programs to provide students with immersive experiences around the world.

Student information and resources are always available through the Student Experience Center to ensure all student needs are comfortably met. Our campus store is also a convenient spot for supplies and living essentials.