Women's Impact Project - December 2015

Mary Lahman with a student

" The Art of Listening Well"

Speaker: Mary Lahman, a Manchester University educator on the listening-centered approach to communication who co-authored a textbook on the subject.
Presentation: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015

Many areas of your life can be better if you listen more effectively. You can be a more compassionate friend, a more effective leader, make more sales and have a better family life.

Women looking for ways to take their listening skills to a new level will get practical tips on how to do so gathered at the Fort Wayne campus of Manchester University, 10627 Diebold Road.

It was the third installment of the Manchester University Women’s Impact Project: Conviction in Action series designed to educate and empower women of northeast Indiana to use their passions and leadership skills to make a difference.

“Listening is the best gift you can give someone,” said Lahman, professor of communication studies at the University. She has a passion for the underlying ethical dimensions of listening. “The first duty of love and respect is to listen.”

Lahman spoke about how we listen, what doesn’t work, what does, and what approaches we can take to improve. This information was paired with practice.

Here’s what one person who attended had to say:

“I always look forward to the Women’s Impact Project. Even though it adds about two hours to the end of my (already long) day, there is something about it that I find beneficial and well worth my time. I think that it provides me the opportunity to slow down and contemplate bigger-picture or all-encompassing ideas while engaging with other women of Fort Wayne. Each of the Women’s Impact Projects have been insightful and left a lasting impression on me. I often find myself discussing the Impact topics with my significant other and colleagues long after the event has occurred. Thank you to the organizers that arrange this event! I think it’s a real pearl for the Fort Wayne community.” – Diane Calinski, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Manchester University