Women's Impact Project - September 2015

Dave Johnson Presenting

"The Art of Mindful Presence"

Speaker: Dave Johnson, a licensed clinical social worker, and marriage and family therapist
Presentation: Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Women looking for ways to build resiliency and flourish learned practical tips on how to still their minds and focus on the here and now.

The Manchester University Women’s Impact Project: Conviction in Action series is designed to educate and empower women of northeast Indiana to use their passions and leadership skills to make a difference.

Johnson’s inspiring presentation explained how living each moment, rather than being on autopilot, can help a person recognize choices and take control of their thoughts – including emotional responses such as anger, anxiety, fear, depression or feeling overwhelmed. 

For more about Johnson’s speech and a link to his TEDxFortWayne presentation, click here.

He offered a number of resources for those who want to delve into the subject more deeply: 

  • Cameron, J. C. (1992). The Artist’s Way
  • Goleman, D. Emotional Intelligence. (books, webinars, haygroup.com, ted.com)
  • Kabat-Zinn, J. (2006). Coming to Our Senses.
  • Kelly, M. (2004). The Rhythm of Life.
  • Merton, T. (1963 ) Silence. Kansas City, MO: Credence Cassettes. (1800-333-7373).
  • Rohr. R. (1999). Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer. Crossroad: New York.
  • Tippett, K. (2007). Speaking of Faith. New York, NY: Viking Penguin.
  • Tolle, E. (1999). The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Novato, CA: New World Library.
  • Whitney, D; Cooperrider, D.; Trosten-Bloom, A.; Kaplin, B. (2002). Encyclopedia of Positive Questions.

Here’s what a few of those attending had to say:

"I am thrilled to have a local series that speaks profoundly to the issues of professional women of various ethnicity, social strata and generations. This series is a gift to the women of our community, and I will encourage all my friends to attend." – Beth Goldsmith, Sold by the Gold, North Eastern Group Realty

"I spent the evening catching up with college connections and making new ones! I look forward to your next event." – Frances Peel Brooks, communications and grants manager at SCAN Inc.