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Rhetoric of War
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Selected Websites

The Forest of Rhetoric

This overview of rhetoric includes sections on persuasive appeals, cannons of rhetoric, and rhetorical analysis, as well as an extensive list of rhetorical terms and definitions.

A Short Handbook on Rhetorical Analysis

Focusing on rhetorical analysis, this website is designed to help students understand "the ways that different rhetorical strategies are used to effect a certain response in a given audience."


This site includes information on common techniques and logical fallacies, as well as examples of propaganda from various sources.

War -- Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A philosophical approach to the subject of war, this article covers the ethics of war and peace, just war theory, realism and pacifism.

War -- Encyclopedia Britannica

Britannica's article includes discussion of the causes (biological and social) and control (through diplomacy, regional integration and international law) of war.

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