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Take the CRAAP Test.
Evaluate web resources for:

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose

(Thanks to Meriam Library University of California, Chico)

Academic Research

1. Don't rely on Google for everything!

2. Focus on scholarly literature (see the Articles tab for more information).

3. Perform more than one search!

4. Evaluate the information you find using the criteria in the box above.

5. Ask for help! The text-a-librarian service is a quick and easy way to get help from a librarian.

College Writing (ENG 111)

Keyword Limiters

Search Tip #1 Keyword Limiters

Mix-and-match keyword limiters (one at a time) from the list shown above (along with your specific topic) to be sure the search results offer differing viewpoints on the issue.

Search 1: recycling advantage

  • SPECIFIC TOPIC = television and children
  • KEYWORD LIMITER = impact

Search 2: recycling con

  • SPECIFIC TOPIC = tv and children
  • KEYWORD LIMITER = influence

Search Tip #2 Phrase Quotation Marks

If your specific topic is a phrase with 2 or 3 words that are normally written or spoken side-by-side, use quotation marks around the phrase to improve the relevancy of your results. You can then add the keyword limiter after the quotation marks.

Search: "internet censorship" oppose

  • SPECIFIC TOPIC PHRASE = "television censorship"
  • KEYWORD LIMITER = support

Search Tip #3 Synonyms

Find words with identical or similar meanings (synonyms) for your specific topic in case your word choice for the issue does not produce enough search results. Look for synonyms the articles or websites you find about your topic or in the REFINE MY RESULTS section in Spartan Search.

Spartan Search
Find books, journal articles, CD's, video recordings and more!


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