Andrea Vance

Performing Arts Administration | Portage, Ind.

Shared Experiences

One reason Andy Vance chose Manchester was that she felt at home from Day One. Through clubs and activities, she has made more friends than she can count, and the ones she made during Welcome Week remain some of her best. 

Another reason was MU's study away program. "I want to explore the world," says Andy, "and Manchester gives me that opportunity.” In her first year, Andy traveled to London and Paris for a January session class, and she's already made travel plans for her next three years, which include an entire semester in London and trips to Belize and the Philippines.


Theatre Society, Artists Anonymous, Slice of Art, College of Business, VR Club, Spartan Ambassador, Cordier Technical, Multicultural Assistant Programmer, Student Orientation Leader, and Improv Club.

Favorite Hangouts

Cordier Auditorium, Eel River, Intercultural Center, the Peace Garden, the Mall at night, and the Dance Room, PERC 209.

Recommended Faculty and Staff

Professor Beate, Matt Unger, Travis Adkins, Derrick Golden, Kira Hawkins, Professor Gregg Clark, Professor Ogden, Professor Seth Mayer, The Whole Admissions Office, and Michael Dixon.

Recommended Classes

Theatre Applied Arts, Business Ethics, Theatre and Society, Acting, and any study away classes!

What People May Not Know About MU

The possibilities here are never ending, especially if you get the chance to study away! There are so many opportunities for scholarships!

Advice for Students Looking at MU 

If you want to travel the world and learn about other cultures, definitely check out the opportunities at MU! I never imagined being able to study away as much as I can here, and I'm so grateful for all that MU
has to offer!

"I want to explore the world,
and Manchester gives me that opportunity"

Chasing her Career Aspirations
Andy's learned that if you want something, you make it happen – like her individualized major in performing arts administration. It wasn't listed in Manchester's Catalog, but that didn't stop her from switching from her original major and working with faculty and advisors to create her own customized career path. “My first thought was, I'm going to have to transfer. But my advisor said, ‘You don’t need to do that,’ and helped me create a whole new curriculum for what I wanted to study."

See more of Andrea's story at #MUBetterTogether

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