Visiting Manchester

Are we a good fit for you?

You have to experience Manchester to really "get it." After all, a campus visit is one of the most important steps in choosing the college that's right for you. We warmly welcome you to visit us to talk about your interests and goals, and discover whether Manchester is the fit for your academic future.

And get this!

Visit as a high school senior and earn an extra $500 toward your MU tuition! That’s in addition to the generous aid you’ll already get from Manchester scholarships, and it applies for all four years of your college career!

Spring Visit Events

music at manchester Music @ Manchester Overnight

Jan 31 – Feb 1

Feb 14-15

Mar 27-28

Overnight @ MU
February 28

Overnight @ MU
March 27

Overnight @ MU
Fri, April 24


THE CHET: Open Late 

Wednesday, Feb. 19

Thurs, March 26

Thurs, April 30