After Manchester - Notable MU Alumni

Dan West ’17

(deceased) Founded Heifer International, dedicated to relieving hunger and poverty. 
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Andrew Cordier ’22

(deceased) Helped draft the founding charter of the United Nations.

Paul Flory '31

(deceased) Earned the Nobel Prize in polymer chemistry.

Roy Plunkett '32

(deceased) Discovered Teflon.

Max Bechtold '35

(deceased) Designed scratch-resistant plastics and held more than 41 patents.

Gene Likens '57

Discovered the existence of acid rain in North America.

Mike Emrick ’68

Emmy-winning NHL hockey announcer.

Jane Henney '69 

First woman commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. 

Marcia Sowles '72

Serves as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Jerry Sweeten ’75

The 2009 Indiana Professor of the Year, honored for his dedication to preparing students to solve problems through knowledge, compassion for others and keen awareness of Earth’s life support systems.

Phil Keiser ’78

(deceased) Former CEO of Culver’s, a franchised chain of more than 500 restaurants with $1 billion in systemwide sales.

Sarah Kurtz ’79

Received the prestigious 2007 Dan David Prize for her “exceptional and profound contributions” to the field of photovoltaic energy.

Stan Hooley '80

The executive director of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Randy Dormans '92

A supervising producer at DreamWorks Animation.

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