After Manchester

After Manchester, students are poised and prepared to succeed in the real world. Challenging curriculums, immersive opportunities and strong connections with our supportive community, help to empower students to confidently move forward as well-rounded leaders. Manchester’s dedication to comprehensive student growth and development is widely recognized by employers across all industries and is directly transferable to real-world professional opportunities. In fact, 95% of Manchester graduates are either employed, enrolled in graduate school, or performing full-time service within six months of graduation. Manchester’s Career Services, internship programs and strong connections with high-profile businesses give students the support they need to smoothly transition into the next phase of their career. 

From Nobel Prize winners to CEOs to advocates and innovators, Manchester’s exceptional list of alumni keeps growing. We make it easy to stay connected to good friends and classmates through our Alumni Relations office and during ongoing alumni events. Manchester also invites alumni to keep track of student outcomes and success stories in the Manchester Magazine and @manchester newsletter. These strong connections ensure that life after Manchester is filled with good friends, a supportive community and limitless opportunities.