President's Welcome


Manchester University President Dave McFadden

A number of years ago, a colleague at Manchester shared with me a list of reasons she loved coming to work every day. Among them were hearing the chime played by students each morning and evening, watching the squirrels romp around campus and working with good people to serve our students.

I’ve been connected to Manchester in one way or another for my entire life. I’m a third generation graduate and met and fell in love with my wife, Renée, during freshman orientation in 1976. Our children are fourth generation graduates. My father has a coffee shop on campus named after him – Wilbur’s – where you can get an awesome hamburger or a Funderdog.

As a lifetime Spartan – and with over 20 years of service in leadership at Manchester – here’s what I know about the University:

Manchester is an exceptional institution, distinctive in our mission of graduating persons of ability and conviction. We equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful immediately after graduating and we do it in a learning environment that encourages them to sharpen the values that will shape their lifelong contributions in the world.

  • Our students grow at Manchester. They learn to think critically in an academic community that prizes the development of the whole person.
  • Students experience true community at Manchester, allowing them to be themselves, find their voice, build confidence and make lifelong connections.
  • We value and celebrate differences here. Students, faculty and others engage in respectful dialogue that allows individual expression, exploration of ideas and values and discovery of their best selves.
  • Students develop close and meaningful relationships with classmates and mentors, built on mutual respect and trust. We value the infinite worth of every person and accept one another for who we are.
  • We offer an outstanding academic and experiential education, immersing students in leadership, service and learning experiences that prepare them for success after graduation and throughout their lives.
Take a look at what we offer our students, faculty and staff. And then look closely at what our graduates are accomplishing with what they’ve learned here.  We’re proud of our history and the many ways our students and graduates are making the world a better place.