The Spartan Early Award

The Spartan Early Award Scholarship, sponsored by the Wabash County Community Foundation, is an award available to students who apply during their 8th grade year and plan to attend Manchester University after graduation.

Four students will be chosen each year at the end of the first semester of 8th grade and will participate in activities on MU’s campus starting their second semester and each semester throughout high school.

When they begin their college career at Manchester, they will receive $200 toward tuition each semester of their four years as Spartan Early Award Scholars. Additionally, they will have already built a familiarity with campus and much of the business of navigating college, providing a huge head start for a first-year student!

Read the guidelines below regarding requirements for grades and activities.

Community Foundation Spartan Early Award Scholarship Guidelines 

Goal: To support and encourage Wabash County students to attend and complete their education at Manchester University.

Eligibility: Wabash County 8th grade students who are fully enrolled in the Promise Early Award Scholarship program will be eligible to apply for selection in the CF Spartan Scholarship program.

Application Process: Wabash County 8th grade students who wish to apply will complete the Community Foundation Common Application form and will demonstrate an interest in attending Manchester University after high school graduation. An essay outlining the reasons for their interest in attending as well as a proposed major area study and other activities they plan to pursue while a student at Manchester University.

Selection Process:   A selection committee composed of personnel from the Community Foundation, Manchester University and the county schools will review the applications and select candidates for interview. Finalists will be interviewed at school before the final selection.Additional consideration will be given to first generation and/or low-income students. Children of Manchester University employees will not be considered for this scholarship program. Selected Scholars will be announced at the end of first semester in 8th grade with a photo in press and social media releases. A signing of intent with the students, parents, high school staff, Manchester University and Community Foundation representatives will be held.

Scholarship requirements and activities: Selected Spartan Scholars will maintain a 2.7 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, will participate in at least one high school club or activity, and will complete at least ten hours of community or volunteer service during high school.

Spartan Scholar students will also participate in at least one designated campus activity during second semester of 8th grade and each semester in grades 9-12:

  • Second semester 8th grade, Spartan Scholars will attend an introductory mentor session with information about Manchester University and select an activity on campus to attend of their choice.
  • Freshman year, Spartan Scholars will attend an athletic or intramural event or performance on campus and listen to a panel discussion about college life by current MU students.
  • Sophomore year, Spartan Scholars will be given a campus tour with a meal and will attend a class with a student in their proposed major area of study.
  • Junior year, Spartan Scholars will meet with admissions and financial aid officers, do a mock exercise in buying textbooks and supplies and attend a play, concert or graduation.
  • Senior year, Spartan Scholars will complete their Manchester University application and FAFSA and shadow a student in their intended major for a day on campus and spend the night in the dorm.
Contact the Community Foundation of Wabash County at to apply:

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