Methods of Payment.

Manchester will provide a Billing Statement after you officially enroll in classes in June. This statement is due Aug. 5 for fall courses and Jan. 15 for spring courses. Once all forms of financial aid are applied to your student account, you may have a remaining balance. We’d like to provide you with information on commonly used payment methods.

  • Payment by Semester: You can pay your balance outright via cash, check, money order, e-check or credit card. We offer an online payment option.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Manchester University offers Spartan Payment Plans for interest- free, monthly payments. Yearly and semester only plans are available. Student and parents will enroll through the Student Account Center. Full details are available at Student Financial Services.
  • Applying for Loans:
    • To apply for  Federal Direct Student Stafford Loans
      • The student should sign-in with your student FSA ID at to access loan documentation
      • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling and Financial Awareness Counseling
      • Complete and sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN)
    • To Apply for Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
      • The parent will sign-in with your parent FSA ID at to access loan documentation
      • Complete and sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN)
      • Complete a Direct PLUS Loan Request
    • To Apply for Private Student Loans
Contact our Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) with Questions: 
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