It's all about the future.

Unrestricted Endowment

The endowment is all about the future, really. An unrestricted gift to the Manchester University Endowment Fund may have the most enduring impact of any donation you can make. It's a permanent asset, wisely invested to grow and earn income, which helps ensure a steady stream of revenue for the University for years to come. And when it is given without restrictions, Manchester can use the earnings from your original gift for whatever the University's greatest needs are at that time. 

Unrestricted gifts to the endowment can be in the form of cash, stock, real estate, bonds or other personal property of value. If the gift is a bequest designated in a will or trust, please seek competent professional advice and be sure to notify Manchester University of your intentions.

Restricted Endowment

Established through the generosity of many donors, these Restricted Endowment Funds provide special assistance and recognition in various areas at Manchester University including faculty development, lectureships, library support, departmental needs and equipment. Your endowment gifts guarantee that financial support will remain readily available for the future needs of the college and its students. 

Gifts to a restricted endowment fund are permanently invested to supply a steady, annual source of funds for the purposes agreed upon by the donor and Manchester University. Many donors choose to create an endowed fund which can be named to honor the donor or a loved one - to commemorate a family legacy or an important individual. Such gifts tie together past, present and future: they preserve the memory of important individuals and inspire future generations through lasting financial support for Manchester's educational mission.

Manchester's development officers can help you structure a restricted gift that fits your objectives and meets the University's standards. 

To review the current list of restricted endowment funds, click here.