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Faculty & Staff Giving


Why should I support Manchester University?

We are known, both faculty and staff, for our one-on-one mentoring relationships with our students.  Your gift supports them in yet another way, by helping to ensure that they receive the best that Manchester has to offer. They study, hands-on, with their faculty mentors.  They find support from the close-knit community on our welcoming campus.  They grow from opportunities to help and serve others.  Your gifts help make all of this possible.  

Your gifts also indicate your belief in our mission to graduate persons of ability and conviction, and prove your partnership in this mission.

Faculty/Staff Giving FAQs

Joseph Bonnarens
“The University’s mission was a major contributor in my decision-making process to move here to help start the College of Pharmacy.  Our students, alumni, staff and faculty demonstrate the values and mission of our University on a daily basis.  I give to support the exceptional students – professional, graduate, and undergraduate – who choose Manchester and emulate our mission in their actions.”

Dan Chudzynski
“I give because I believe in Manchester’s mission and in our students.  I feel that, by giving back, I’m helping graduates to lead principled, productive and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.  What could be more important?”

Rusty and Marcie Coulter-Kern
“We consistently give to Manchester University because we want to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to the development of students and to making the world a better place.  We are committed to the mission and values of this institution and feel privileged to work and serve here.”

Paula Finton
“Giving back helps support our students’ education and [the] Manchester University community.  We are family here and I am proud to be part of it and support [it] any way I can.”

Ryan Hedstrom
“I am so grateful for my education and experience as a student at Manchester. Now I am able to support students in having those same life-changing experiences through both my teaching and financial giving.”

Will Patch
"Our parents were great role models for us, modeling the importance of giving back. We've been fortunate and had a lot of opportunities and we are able to give back with a gift each month. We want other students to have the same opportunities, or even more, than we did."

Stacy Stetzel
"I give to Manchester because Manchester gives to the world.  The impact is so large, bigger than many of us can imagine during our daily routines.  What we do with students and colleagues today impacts tomorrow in so many ways.  The entire Manchester experience is what makes those large scale impacts possible.  Every part of this campus is essential to our mission.  I believe in our mission, and I give to support the people on campus who live those words and share them with the world."